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Long term saving is one of the best ways to prepare for long term goals and help build overall wealth. A well-balanced approach to saving should take account of the short, medium and longer term, the level of access required, the need for growth, and appetite for risk.

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Short term goals (where you may need access to your money) are likely to be best met by traditional access deposit accounts. Longer term goals, such as saving for your retirement, saving for children’s education or moving house in the future, allow you to consider a different approach. Jameson Financial can advise you on a regular savings plan to suit your needs which aims is to increase the value of your money over the longer term. You will have access to a broad range of investment funds consonant with your appetite for risk.

Key Features
You choose your monthly amount (based on your goals and what you can afford)
You can add lump sums along the way
You can increase or decrease premiums at any time along the journey

To provide a regular savings plan solution that allows access to funds that have the potential to offer a higher return than can be achieved by placing money on deposit.

Suitable for those who plan to save for at least 5-7 years or more in pursuit of longer-term goals such as funding children’s education, supplementing retirement savings, funding long term property purchase or general wealth build-up.

Plans can be started for as little as €100 per month

Generally, withdrawals can be made at any stage, but in the early years your investment is likely to be worth less than you have paid in.

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