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Regular Saving

Jameson Financial can advise you on a regular savings plan to suit your needs which aims to increase the value of your money over the longer term. You will have access to a broad range of investment funds consonant with your appetite for risk.

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Annual Gift Tax Exemption Regular Saving

In any year, the first €3,000 gifted to any person is not taxed and does not reduce the Capital Acquisition Tax threshold. As noted, it also applies from any one person to another, so two parents can gift €6,000 to any one of their children.

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Single Premium or Lump Sum Investing

You will have the opportunity to invest in a range of assets such as equities (company shares), property, government, and corporate bonds; and even in the more specialised asset classes such as water, energy, and ethical investment opportunities. You will also have the option to spread your investment through the purchase of units in a number of different funds in our range.

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