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Mortgage Protection

Why You Need Mortgage Protection

Most lenders insist that you have Mortgage Protection insurance in place when you drawdown your home loan.  As you pay off your mortgage, your cover will reduce to reflect the reducing amount you owe. The fact that the level of cover reduces over the term of your plan helps to keep the cost lower than other forms of life assurance.

In the event of you becoming seriously ill (and having chosen that cover option) or dying, your plan can be used to:

  • Clear your mortgage
  • Secure ownership of your home
  • Reduce your monthly cost of living


You may be paying too much for your Mortgage Protection. At Jameson Financial we will guarantee to offer you a price equal to the lowest in the marketplace.

Switching is Simple

Our office is staffed by friendly professionals dedicated to making the switching process as seamless as possible. If you are switching from another provider, it is important that the Lump Sum on Death benefit and the term of the policy should match the outstanding balance on your mortgage and the remaining term.

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