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Life Assurance/ Term Assurance

Who Life Assurance is for?

Families who want to ensure they have the money they need if either or both parents become seriously ill or die. Individuals who want to remove financial concerns if they become seriously ill or need to meet financial obligations in the event of their untimely death. Business owners or company directors may also take out Life Assurance to cover against the financial loss possibly incurred owing to the death of principals or partners.


What Life Assurance Provides

Depending on the type of cover you choose our products can provide:

  • A lump sum or income amount if you die.
  • A lump sum amount if you become seriously ill.
  • Smaller payment amounts if you injure yourself in an accident, break a bone, undergo surgery or have to stay in hospital.
  • Children's protection package.


Why have Life Assurance?

Your plan can be used to:

  • Clear any loans or debts ensuring your family's immediate finances are healthy.
  • Pay a monthly income to your family if you die so they can continue to meet monthly outgoings and
  • Maintain their current lifestyle.
  • Pay a monthly income to your family if a stay at home parent dies to meet the additional expenses your family would face (such as childcare).
  • Pay a lump sum amount on death to cover funeral expenses and other related costs.


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