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Yes, you've read that correctly. Jameson Financial are offering €25,000 FREE Life Insurance Cover. But hurry, this exclusive offer, which is underwritten by Irish Life, is limited to the first 100 applicants. To get your Free Life Insurance Cover click on the link below and follow the simple process:

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2016 Specified Illness Statistics

New Ireland Assurance Co Paid out €26,285,733 in Specified Illness claims in 2016. There were 409 claims submitted and of those 49 were declined which is just over 10%. The breakdown of those declined is as follows: definition not met, 34; non-disclosure of material facts, 8; and not a covered condition, 7. Interestingly, of the 1129 Death claims submitted to the same company only 4 were declined which is less than .4%. Cancer accounted for the highest percentage of Specified Illness claims at 61% followed by heart at 11% and neurological/stroke at 9%.

Life Insurance: The Different Products Available

According to research conducted by Red C and Coyne Research on behalf of Irish Life, 1 in 5 adults intend to buy life cover this year. If you are one of these people and would like to know more about the types of cover available, here are the traditional types available to buy in Ireland:

TERM LIFE INSURANCE: This is the most popular. It pays your spouse, dependants or estate a lump sum if you die within a specified period of time, which you choose at the outset. It does not cover you for your entire life and this is the reason why it is cheaper than Whole of Life insurance.

Long lists and Serious Illness Cover

You could be forgiven for getting lost in the detail. Royal London include on their list of serious illnesses covered, Corticobasal Ganglionic Degeneration. Aviva cover Primary Sclerosing Cholangitis. And wait for it, Zurich cover Necrotising Fasciitis (flesh eating bug). If the truth was known, some insurance companies continually add to their list of serious illnesses simply to try and steal a march on the competition.

Life Insurance and Smoking

'I have made it a rule never to smoke more than one cigar at a time. I have no other restrictions as regards smoking. I smoke in bed until I have to go to sleep; I wake up in the night sometimes once, sometimes twice, sometimes three times, and I never waste any of these opportunities to smoke' - Mark Twain.


Guide to Investing

With interest rates so low, Investing is another option that can make your money work harder. If you are new to investing, here are some of the questions you may ask yourself.

How long should I invest for?

Your longer terms investment goals might be better achieved by investing your money over a longer term. This is because your money can be invested in funds that have the potential to grow at a higher rate than inflation so that you can have the opportunity to generate a higher return

Inheritance Tax Planning

'Estate planing is an important and everlasting gift you can give your family. And setting up a smooth inheritance isn't as hard as you might think' - Suze Oran

"There are worse things in life than death. Have you ever spent an evening with an Insurance Salesman ?" Woody Allen

For most of us our financial circumstances, and by extension, our financial needs and objectives are forever changing. It is essential therefore, to have a regular financial review.

Here are a few pointers;

Irish Writers and Death

As a leading provider of Life Assurance and Serious Illness Cover we're obviously concerned with death. And as a Ph.D graduate of the School of English at Trinity College Dublin, I have always been fascinated with how writers address the issue. Here are some of my favourite 'death' quotations from Irish writers:

Are all the bells and whistles worth it?

Most people are familiar with the widespread mis-selling of Payment Protection Insurance by Irish banks. And while I'm not suggesting that Mortgage Protection Insurance, which they also provided on a grand scale for their customers, was mis-sold, the cost of additional benefits which were often part and parcel of policies sold by them, merits a closer look. To put this more bluntly, some or all of the additional benefits which you may have been sold may be extraneous and a substantial extra cost that you could probably do without.


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