Irish Life paid out €299 million in claims in 2018 | Jameson Financial

Irish Life paid out €299 million in claims in 2018

Irish Life paid out €5.75million per week in Death and Specified Illness claims in 2018. However, there are still too many people in Ireland who are unprotected or who do not have sufficent protection for their needs.

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• 2 in 3 specified illness cover claims were for cancer (malignant) – followed by heart conditions (diagnosed).
• Specified illness cover claims for cancer up 8% in 2018.
• Breast cancer (malignant) was once again the most claimed for cancer overall.
• Over 1 in 3 adults claiming were aged under 50.
• Almost 1 in 5 malignant cancer claims were for those aged 41-50 years.
• More claims for men – 54% versus 44% for women.
• 3 in every 4 women's claims were for cancer (malignant).
• Four times more claims by men for heart related conditions (diagnosed).
• Strokes (permanent symptoms) were claimed for by men three times more than women.