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5 ways we can help you with your money
Time to rethink Money on Deposit

A New Year – we’re all full of good intentions. Whether these are around spending more time in the gym, working less and spending more quality time with the family or maybe breaking some bad habit that’s been dragging you down for years, good intentions are usually hard to sustain. The first week or two is good, the problem usually kicks in towards the end of January. One way to help you is to have a guide or a mentor who will keep you on your new track.

The same applies to habits and behaviours in relation to your finances. It’s very hard to successfully manage your finances when you go it alone. Research carried out recently by Standard Life revealed that people who are advised by a Financial Broker end up with almost three times more savings than someone who goes it alone. Can you ignore such a benefit? We help you achieve these results in a number of ways – here are 5 ways we can help you in 2019.

Be confident about your money

We don’t want you worrying unnecessarily about money. We want you to be crystal clear about your financial situation and about what you can (and can’t) realistically achieve. Clarity will give you confidence. It’s when our finances are all over the place, that we fret over every decision. We want you to have a financial plan that clearly sets out your current situation, what you are trying to achieve and how it is proposed that you will achieve your goals. Once this strategy is in place, you are clear about what needs to be done, and what spending capacity you have. Now you are better informed, and this clarity removes those everyday worries about money.

Keep an eye on the big picture

We all get diverted by today’s challenges in relation to our finances. As a result, you can end up moving from challenge to challenge without a plan, simply being happy to make ends meet.

When we work with a client and while we of course look at the detail of your situation, we also focus a lot on the bigger picture of what you want your money to do. Once we get clear on this, we can then develop a financial plan for you that will guide you into the future, rather than simply lurching from crisis to crisis. We guide you to a point where your short term financial decisions are being made with greater, long term goals in mind.

We keep you on track

Particularly when investment markets are very volatile as they have been in recent times, there can be a huge temptation to ignore your financial plan, stay out of the markets and just keep your money in cash. And particularly with events like Brexit and potential trade wars around the world, investors have been quite jittery.

Jameson Financial has a wealth of experience of volatile markets. We know that the challenge tends not to be how markets are performing, instead the biggest challenge is preventing investors from making big mistakes that will end up costing a lot of money. These usually revolve around investors trying to time their entry and exit from markets. We’ll keep you focused on the long term plan and will try and help you to avoid making expensive mistakes.

Make better choices

We all make many choices every day in relation to money. Most of these relate to many small purchases, these are choices you’ll make on your own each day. However, we can help you with the big financial decisions that typically will be based on bigger goals. Can you retire early, or can you buy a place in the sun when you retire, or can you plan to afford both? Can you change your car every two or three years, or will this impact your ability to privately educate your kids? These are the sort of hard questions that we all absentmindedly ask ourselves, but don’t quite bottom out the answers. However, with our help, these questions can be considered and answered.

Know your risk appetite

We don’t want you lying awake worrying about your investments and so we spend time fully understanding your risk profile. If you are going to sweat over every movement in the markets, we are probably going to suggest that you adopt a pretty low risk and conservative approach to investing. Equally if you are seeking greater reward and are comfortable taking risk, we’ll find a portfolio that potentially will deliver greater returns. We want you managing your money, rather than your money managing you!

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